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2018-05-31 by DR.WU

Skin Rebewak Formula Incented by Experienced Doctors

The Leading Brand in Mandelic Acid Market Presents


Tri-Probiotic+Tri-acid Awake to Your Baby Flawless Skin

        Taiwan’s No. 1 derma skin care brand, DR. WU, debuted its mandelic acid collection for a wide range of skin needs. With these products, DR.WU introduced cosmeceutical treatment  to daily skin care, helping to alleviate acne, thick epidermis layer, dullness. DR.WU thus start the trend of skin renewal in Taiwan while cementing ourselves as the leader in mandelic acid products.

        This year, DR.WU focus on the concept of skin renewal with three acids and three probiotics, emphasizing moderate metabolism and thorough skin invigoration to achieve the best results in skin renewal. Our popular “Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid” contains three acids at a golden concentration, with 5% mandelic acid, 2% salicylic acid, and 1% pyruvic acid for faster, deeper, and milder skin renewal. Our new product, “Daily Renewal Essence with Mandelic Acid” offers innovative extraction of three probiotics – brewer’s yeast, lactic acid bacteria, and Bifidobacterium to clean pores, vitalize skin, and penetrate skin barriers to rejuvenate tissues. The probiotics effectively increase oxygen content in the skin, strengthen cell immunity, and help the skin return to balanced, normal metabolism. Dr.WU also creates the cleansing mousse and post-recovery moisturizer for use after skin renewal. Our comprehensive range of professional cosmeceutical skin renewal treatment is designed for your daily use and younger skin!


Mandelic Acid Trio - Creator and Leader of Mandelic Acid Skin Renewal

        Industry-exclusive trio formula for a complete skin renewal treatment . The 5% mandelic acid is fast-acting on skin surface, mildly removing the epidermis layer. The 2% salicylic acid is at perfect concentration - safe and non-irritating - with excellent lipophilicity for cleaning pores and removing acne. The 1% pyruvic acid can penetrate the skin to improve lackluster blemishes and make the skin smooth and delicate. As established dermatologist Dr. Ying-Chun Wu from NTU Hospital pointed out, “In recent years, there have been an increasing number of acid skin care products on the market, and consumers should be careful in choosing skin renewal products that suit them.” Because of the excellent skin affinity of mandelic acid, it is milder than the commonly used glycolic acid and can evenly penetrate pores and soften the epidermis layer. It is also less irritating than synthesized acids such as retinoic acid and azelaic acid while more efficiently removing old epidermis layer, making it the best ingredient for daily skin renewal.


Tri-Probiotics Formula for the Very First Cosmeceutical Facial Treatment Essence

        Dr. Wu has long years of experience in acid skin renewal research and has developed industry-leading technology. Through innovative work, his research and development team discovered that probiotics that are key to human digestive health can be used to promote skin metabolism and anti-oxidizing repair. Continued use of probiotics can even improve the skin microbiome and build a rejuvenated metabolic environment. Therefore, DR.WU has released the “Daily Renewal Essence with Mandelic Acid” with the probiotics as the best-in-class daily skin renewal essence. With mandelic acid as the base ingredient, it perfectly combines brewer’s yeast, lactic acid bacteria, and Bifidobacterium. Saccharomyces Lysate stimulates cellular oxygen intake and promote metabolism. Lactococcus Ferment Lysate thoroughly clean pores and repair skin barrier. With the excellent antioxidant properties, Bifida Ferment Lysate can help the skin reach acid-base balance and defend itself from harm. The perfect effects by mandelic acid and the three probiotics stimulate skin renewal from the surface down, helping you achieve better skin with ease.


Your Simple and Comprehensive Daily Renewal Skincare Routine at Home

        Before starting skin renewal, the top priority is cleansing to restore the skin to its original condition. “Renewal Cleansing Mousse with Mandelic Acid” has exclusive high purity mandelic acid and amino acid moisturizing skin renewal formula that cleanses your skin mildly without irritation and modulates skin balance, placing your skin in the best condition to receive care. Then use an appropriate amount of “Daily Renewal Essence with Mandelic Acid” and dab it evenly throughout the face. The tri-probiotic imbues the skin with the energy of new life, rejuvenating it and accelerating renewal on the inside and out. Finally, the all-new “Post-recovery Moisturizer with Tri-ceramides” contains American sunflower seed extract, saccharide isomerate, and multiple vitamins to maintain moisture, alleviate skin irritation, including the normal skin peeling and slight acne occurrence after skin renewal or surgery. For the “Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid,” you can choose to use it once every two or three days, based on your skin condition, while applying whole-face renewal or regional conditioning in the night. You can complete our “daily light skin renewal” treatment by using these simple steps and get perfect skin with best skin renewal treatment at home.