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New! Intensive Repairing Serum with Squalane

2018-08-31 by DR.WU

Renowned Expert's Anti-aging Skincare

AGEVERSAL Reparing System

Just One Drop, Intensively Repair Your Skin

New! Intensive Repairing Serum with Squalane


        Work stress, hectic lifestyle and improper care combined with environmental factors such as air pollution, UV etc have caused prolonged damage to the hydrolipidic film among modern women. The loss of skin's natural protection leads to number of problems including dryness, wrinkle and loose skin. According to renowned dermatologist Ying-Chin Wu of National Taiwan University Hospital, "oil is the key to maintaining young skin." 

        DR.WU's research team was the first to make commercialized use of plant-based squalane in 2003, and its products have been well-recommended among consumers and experts as a result. From single formula in the early days to the composite formula known today, DR.WU has led a new trend of skincare, using oil-based solutions to address common skin problems for women over 30. This yea, DR.WU’s upgrade [Intensive Repairing Serum with Squalane] features top quality, plant-based squalane derived from cold-pressed virgin olive oil, making every drop as pure as it is precious. This all-purpose solution is all that is needed to repair skin and address problems such as dryness, wrinkle, loose skin etc, thereby restore skin back to its prime condition


A Newly Upgraded Light Formula for the Ultimate Moisturizing, Repair and Nourished Skin

         DR.WU’s new upgrade repairing serum with squalane ensures a deeper, more complete skincare effect. Featuring a distinctive oily texture, the serum can be quickly absorbed to provide the skin with the best and immediate moisturizing effect. Highly concentrated plant-based squalane forms the key ingredient of this serum. It is a precious, pure essence extracted from premium olive oil from Tuscany, Italy through 25 rounds of a cold-press process. It is all-natural and safe, and does not damage the environment. Its highly lipophilic characteristics allow for instantaneous penetration to deeply hydrate and repair all-round as well as reinforce the skin’s hydrolipidic film barrier. The solution also contains three different essence oils a, including argan oil (also kown as "Liquid Gold", macadamia nut oil and L22 lipid complex, the serum makes a perfect simulation of the human skin structure for deeper action, which helps repair and strengthen skin at the foundation. Furthermore, the addition of three plant essence (namely: white lupin seeds, dunaliella salina, and brown algae) provides anti-oxidation effects while stimulates metabolism and energy for deeper skin repair.

Seamless Anti-aging Care for better effect 

         The upgraded version of [Intensive Repairing Serum with Squalane] comes with a glass pipette for more consistent and precise use of solution. As we approach the change of season, DR.WU recommeds the addition of two other products from the Repairing system: the Intensive Anti-aging Serum with Ageversal and Extreme Micro-lifting Cream with Ageversal, for deeper moisturizing, more comprehensive care, and better anti-aging effect!