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  GO! Sporty Girl. 夏日運動保養 不要有了線條,卻失了顏值! 運動不分季節、時間,但比起冬季,夏天運動更折磨人的除了高溫外,更怕出油長粉刺、 爆痘!針對「不運動,毋寧死」的Sproty Girls,BEAUTY幫你們設計了2套夏日運動保養處方, 讓妳身材、健康、顏值衝破"人生三高"!     Before Exercise 運動前你要知道...... Q:來不及卸妝,可以直接運動嗎? A:最好不要!一整天的殘妝污垢遇上汗和油,超髒的! Q:空腹運動是不是更有減肥效果? A:空腹沒力氣運動!吃六分飽才有體力持續! Q:運動後皮膚變好乾,有時還會癢? A:運動前後「三明治」保濕法包夾,鎖住水分! Q:防曬在家裡擦完就好了吧? A:防曬的防水抗汗功能,要定時補擦才有效。       "三明治保濕"包夾鎖住水位 冷氣運動會讓肌膚水位加速枯竭   健身房運動已經成為許多人的第一選擇。但健身房運動潛在的肌膚危機,遠比一般運動更高。 因為在冷氣房內運動會讓膚溫內高外低,皮膚喪失自我調節機制,造成油水不均,水分溜得更快。 泳後收操術 有一種乾叫『泳後乾』,比冷氣、機艙內更可怕 全身都能用的護理精油對皮膚和頭髮容易乾燥的人來說是非常好的選擇, 不只加強髮質修護,更能加緊時間按摩肌肉,兼顧保濕,達到雙效呵護   DR.WU角鯊潤澤全能護理油 6種珍貴植萃油脂,輕盈不黏膩,從頭到腳都能使用的萬用美容油。   圖片/文字擷取自 Beauty 美人誌 18年8月號  P.24~26、P.29    
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    炎炎夏日更要勤保養 夏季的濕氣和毒辣陽光,成了無所不在的美容公敵! 面對室內外的溫差、髒空氣和紫外線,更要努力防護和保養。 防曬、保濕不能停,只有無微不至的呵護肌膚,才能讓自己越變越美麗!   圖片/文字擷取自 VIVI 18年8月號  P.10  
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    BEAUTY MASK 善用面膜解救問題肌   就算平常乖乖做好保養的每一個步驟,也難保肌膚不會臨時出狀況! 面膜就像是問題肌膚的強心針一樣,帶來即時的舒緩。     ELLE BEAUTY AWARDS TAIWAN  補水保濕維持肌膚完美平衡   DR.WU的全新極地植萃面膜,延伸濃縮精華、速效保養的概念,解決肌膚各種問題,並首以膠囊形象上市, 呈現多元設計巧思;針對敏弱膚況、乾燥缺水、疲憊暗沉、老化皺紋肌,共推出: 冰峰珍珠花修護面膜、沙漠復活草保濕面膜、雨林瑪卡活力面膜及深海珊瑚藻賦活面膜。   圖片/文字擷取自 ELLE 18年8月號  P.186、P.188      
Are you a victim of these moisturizing myth? Dermatologist explains the key to “moisturizing”
   Many people know that the key of perfect skin is all about moisturizing. There are all kinds of moisturizing products on the market, what are the difference? What are the hundreds of moisturizing ingredients? How to understand and choose from them? Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, who has over 40 years of clinical experience and a dermatology authority in Asia, explains.   Myth #1: Moisturizing is not for oily skin? No matter which skin type you are, moisturizing is a must. It’s only that how and what product you use is different. For dry skin, it’s needless to say that besides toner and serum, cream-based products or essential oils are required to make sure the skin is moisturized and hydrated. For oily skin, although the skin’s sebaceous glands are exuberant and more inclined to produce oil, it is necessary to moisturize skin layers, in order to maintain long-term stability of the skin. When choosing skincare products, a lighter texture is recommended, and it could be adjusted according to different seasons, making sure skin is supple and hydrated.   Myth #2: Which one is the best moisturizing ingredient out of the hundred different kinds?  There are many ingredients on the market, such as hyaluronic acid, ceramide, and provitamin B5 are known for their moisturizing power. Hyaluronic acid is found in the human body, so it is highly compatible with skin composition and can be easily and effectively absorbed. It has strong water-holding power, as one molecule can hold up to 500-1000 times its own weight in water, comparing it with collagen, another moisturizing ingredient, its water-holding capacity is 16 times higher. The composition is simple but delivers excellent moisturizing power, and it is also ideal for the delicate post-procedure skin. It can not only provides normal skin hydration but also reduces the frequency of breakout from problematic skin. Many patients improved their skin condition drastically after using hyaluronic acid. It is recognized as the best moisturizing ingredient in skincare industry and no other ingredients can take its crown! Ceramide is used to strengthen the skin's barrier, and effectively repair dry desquamation of skin and lock in moisture. Provitamin B5 provides hydration, also calms and soothes sensitive, reddened skin.   Myth #3: Is it better to have multiple kinds of hyaluronic acid? Is it the more the merrier? Hyaluronic acid has large, medium and small molecule sizes. The large molecule mainly acts on the superficial stratum corneum to help the skin locking moisture. Molecular weight of medium molecular hyaluronic acid is between large and small molecule, mainly for crossing the skin barrier but not hydrating the bottom layer of skin. Small molecule can penetrate into the intercellular gap to achieve deep hydration. Therefore, it’s not about adding multiple kinds or more hyaluronic acid, instead, it is about adding the right hyaluronic acid according to its function to achieve the best moisturizing result.         Myth #4: Does moisturizing stock solution work best? The higher concentration the better? There were some stock solution products featuring different effects on the market a while ago. In the case of hyaluronic acid stock solution, although these kinds of products promote that with single formula, it can achieve the best result, but its hydrating power is limited. So, when choosing skincare products, it’s better to adjust the formula based on overall needs and evaluate product effectiveness. In addition, many products in the market claim that its concentration of hyaluronic acid is 6%-8%. Because hyaluronic acid belongs to the group of polysaccharides, with concentration of 0.025~0.05% is sufficient. At concentration higher than 0.1%, the texture become really thick and it’s not an enjoyable texture for application. So, it’s not better with higher concentration. It is recommended to learn that if the source, purity, and the overall formula that the manufacturer claims are effective for the skin and test the product in order to make every penny you spend count!     The powerful moisturizing ingredient- hyaluronic acid, it only works when making the right choice To summarize what’s mentioned above, for dry, sensitive, and even atopic skin, hyaluronic acid can provide perfect soothing effect. Besides moisturizing and hydrating, it can normalize metabolism of keratin and make skin smooth and bright. DR.WU launched the first exclusive patented "HYALUCOMPLEX Hydrating System” in skincare industry. It contains NASHA-grade large molecular hyaluronic acid from Japan's top Hyaluronic Acid manufacturer. It is produced by microbial fermentation and creates an invisible water-locking film coating on the skin surface to achieve strong hydration result. The Japanese patented small molecule hyaluronic acid applies a patented hydrolysis technology that enhances the stability of the ingredients and has high permeability to repair dry skin by injecting a lot of moisturizing essence. German patented hyaluronic acid stimulating factor provides deep hydration and stimulates water retention mechanism of the skin, maintaining moisture for a long period of time, making the skin plump and energized. The patented ingredient of the French Bioactive Ingredient Research Center - the French patented hyaluronic acid activator, revives the key moisturizing molecules involved in skin moisture, activates deep moisture production and provides long-lasting hydration. Tackling from the source, lock in, replenish, preserve, and generate moisture to keep your skin hydrated all day long!    
Acid Skincare is on Trend! Let the dermatologist give you a guide!
Acid Skincare is on Trend! Let the dermatologist give you a guide!   Acne wouldn’t go away; large pores are on display and dead skin cells are piling up, causing dullness and pimples. There is no hope to achieve the dreamy translucent and fair skin. What to do? An acid skincare treatment that can reboot the metabolism of stratum corneum may be an effective solution and that’s why new acid related products are put on the market all the time. How to apply acid to salvage skin condition? Here is the knowledge from the well-known dermatologist Yuzhang Zhan of what is the proper way to use acid products.   Q: Why acid skincare is trending now? Dr. Yuzhang Zhan: To speak of acid skincare, everyone comes up with fruit acids. Fruit acid has been used around for about 30 years. Although its popularity has been up and down, it has never faded away. It is very helpful for treating acne, pore and pimple, and there are many people in need of it; so, it has remained its popularity. The reason why acid can improve acne, pore and pimple is because its mechanism of action to reboot the metabolism of stratum corneum, so that the pores wouldn’t be clogged. When there is acne, it means that the metabolism of stratum corneum is abnormal. Normal stratum corneum sheds off every once in a while, but some people’s stratum corneum can’t function normally and leads to clogged pores, and what’s inside will accumulate and become acne; it is what leads to pimple, and usually comes with the problem of large pores. In general, the skin can be divided into dry, oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin types. Most people often think that only oily skin is prone to acne or pimple. In deed that oily skin has the problem of excessive sebum production, which may lead to clogged pore. But the truth is, when the skin is too dry, it would also cause abnormal metabolism of stratum corneum and clogged pores. Therefore, acid is not only exclusive to oily skin, but also to other skin types that have problems with metabolism of stratum corneum.   Q: What are the effects of the most common acids, fruit acid, tretinoin, azalea acid, salicylic acid, and mandelic acid?      Why mandelic acid is widely used now? Dr. Yuzhang Zhan: Fruit acid peeling originated from the United States, but it could cause strong irritation reaction, so scientists replaced it with multi-acid peeling, which can reduce the concentration of various acids, decrease potential irritation, and utilize different properties of each acid to tackle problems like pore and acne. The followings are some of the most common acids in the market for acid skincare.   -Tretinoin Tretinoin is the most common acid in the early years. It is not irritating when applying on to the skin, but it could easily cause the skin turn dry and sensitive after it’s been absorbed for a few days. According to regulations, it is not allowed to be added to skincare products due its strong effects, so it is mostly obtained from prescription by the doctor, including topical ointment and oral ingot. Tretinoin has a small molecular weight and is water-soluble; it can penetrate deep into the skin. It usually can take effect with a low concentration. The most common concentration of common medicinal tretinoin is around 0.05-0.25. Besides eliminate growing acne and pimple, it also has preventive effect.   - AHA fruit acid AHA fruit acid is a widely used ingredient in skincare products. It is not particular acid, but a generic term for acid from a variety of natural fruits and vegetables. For example, glycolic acid and citric acid are both a kind of fruit acids. Among them, glycolic acid is the most widely used. It is water-soluble and has a small molecular weight, which can penetrate into deep epidermis layer and even to the superficial dermis layer. However, glycolic acid needs a higher concentration and a lower pH value to penetrate into the deep layer. Otherwise, it is easy to just stay on the surface of the skin, leaving skin itchy, uncomfortable, and irritating immediately. It is important to know if your skin can withstand the concentration and pH value.   - Azalea acid Azalea acid is mainly used for anti-inflammatory and elimination of existing acnes and pimples. It can penetrate deeper than salicylic acid to the inner layer of the epidermis, so the acne types that it can reduce is deeper than salicylic acid. In addition to help the metabolism of stratum corneum, it also has brightening effect, so it is often used by dermatologists. However, it requires a very high concentration to take effect. Normally, it is a low concentration when used in skincare products, which brings multiple effect but not extremely effective, it is mostly used as a supporting ingredient.   - Pyruvic acid Pyruvic acid is a product of decomposition of glucose. Most of the energy required by body cells comes from glucose, so pyruvic acid is part of the skin. Its molecular size and effect are similar to glycolic acid. The difference is that it is soluble in both oil and water, so it penetrates faster than water-soluble glycolic acid, but it must be absorbed into the skin and through mechanism of action to take effect. Pyruvic acid usually plays the role of replacing or assisting glycolic acid in acid treatment.    - Salicylic acid Salicylic acid is another acid with long history. It is fat-soluble so that it can't penetrate to the deep layers of the skin. It is better for treating acne and pimple on the surface, yet it causes strong immediate irritation like fruit acid.   - Mandelic acid Mandelic acid is also one kind of fruit acid. It has its own section because it is different from other fruit acids. It is not water-soluble but fat-soluble. The stratum corneum of the skin is also fat-soluble, so mandelic acid is able to stay on the stratum corneum without deep penetration and leading to irritation. And mandelic acid is also the mildest among all kinds of acids, which can also brighten the skin. The molecular weight of mandelic acid is relatively bigger and works well on normalizing the metabolism of stratum corneum. It is suitable for treating acnes and pimples at home without irritation but effective. This is the reason why mandelic acid is very popular now.   Tretinoin (prescription medicine) Pyruvic acid AHA (fruit acid) Azalea acid Salicylic acid Mandelic acid Ingredient Big molecule Small molecule Small molecule Big molecule Big molecule Big molecule Properties oil soluble Two polarity  water soluble water soluble oil soluble oil soluble Penetration Dermis Dermis Dermis Lower epidermis Middle layer of epidermis Shallow layer of epidermis Irritation (relates to concentration and PH level) ★★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★ Effect Anti-aging, acne treatment acne treatment normalize metabolism of stratum corneum, stimulate collagen production acne treatment normalize metabolism of stratum corneum, stimulate collagen production Superficial acne treatment、normalize metabolism of stratum corneum, brightening Superficial acne treatment, normalize metabolism of stratum corneum normalize metabolism of stratum corneum , acne treatment, brightening     Q: Will the use of mandelic acid leave skin thinner? Dr. Yuzhang Zhan: Not just mandelic acid, basically the use of every kind of acid would not cause thinning skin. Take the strong acid such as tretinoin and fruit acid as example, they may actually make the skin thinner at the beginning. However, since it can act on the deep layers of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen, the skin will become firm, plumped and healthy after long-term use. In the case of a relatively fat-soluble acid that penetrates shallow layer of the skin, such as mandelic acid, it mainly helps the metabolism of stratum corneum, which won't make the skin become too thin and sensitive.     Q: Pimples and acnes show up after using mandelic acid and make skin condition worse? Dr. Yuzhang Zhan: It may happen briefly when starting mandelic acid treatment for few people, but not to everyone. At the beginning of the treatment, it may feel like that acnes are showing up more and more, it is actually helping diminish the clogged acne. Once sticking to the treatment for a month, the skin will become smoother. Though the use of mandelic acid may induce acne, the inflammatory reaction is not worse than when you’re not using mandelic acid. Not only the time to recover is shorter, but also acne marks would stay shorter.   If you come across a lot of skin problems during the process of mandelic acid treatment, you need to check whether your usage or the skin care products is right. If your metabolism is normal, the need for acid treatment is not strong, but because of excessive usage, it accelerates metabolism of the skin, which could cause scaling. Sometimes scaling problem escalates and leads to peeling of the surface layer of pore. Accidently causing pore blockage when skin is repairing could also provoke acnes and pimples. Therefore, it is recommended that people who do not have too many acnes should pay special attention to the frequency, dosage and concentration of acid to avoid serious scaling reaction.   Q: How to choose mandelic acid? Dr. Yuzhang Zhan:  For acne-prone skin type, you can choose mandelic acid with higher concentration to enhance the effect on metabolism of stratum corneum. The popular concentration most people prefer is 18%, and the concentration higher than 18% may not lead to a better result. However, if there are multiple skin problems, it is recommended to choose a multi-acid. For example, high concentration is not suitable for acne-prone sensitive skin, which should turn to multi-acid with lower concentration of all kinds of acid to reduce irritation, make it fitting for sensitive skin and allow different kinds of acids to penetrate different skin layers to achieve synergistic effect.     Q: How to use mandelic acid and any details to pay attention to? Dr. Yuzhang Zhan:   It is recommended to dry the face after cleansing, wait for 1 minute, when there is still moisture in stratum corneum, but the surface of the skin has turn dried. Apply mandelic acid serum directly on the skin, because now stratum corneum is full of moisture, so the acid will stay on the surface layer instead of penetrating too deep. Wait around two or three minutes for absorption of the acid serum, and then add moisturizing products. Normally, after peeling, the skin is a bit dryer than usual, it is recommended to use lotion or cream like moisturizer that can balance oil and moisture, but it is not recommended to use other skin care products contain acid.   Although mandelic acid is mild, but any acid could be a little irritating, and a bit of scaling reaction is normal. However, it is not normal if it continuously shows scaling reaction during treatment and gets worse. Then you should consider to reduce the concentration or extend the frequency of treatment. It can change from every 2 days to every 3 or 4 days.
3 key steps to healthy skin!
3 key steps to healthy skin! Cleaning, moisturizing and sunscreen. Each step is indispensable!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 By Dr. Ying-Chin Wu       It is always troubling when skin is unstable, showing all kinds of problems like dryness, dullness, fine lines and acne. If you are a beginner at skin care, Dr. Wu suggests 3 key steps to healthy skin: cleaning, moisturizing, sunscreen! Just master these 3 tips to have healthy skin that everyone longs for.  Before learning about basic skin care routines, you can test out what your skin type is, and based on different skin type, choosing appropriate skincare products and methods!          How to test: After face cleaning at night, DO NOT APPLY ANY PRODUCT and observe skin condition next morning.  T zone is neither oily nor dry, cheek is soft as freshly washed. It is “Normal skin” Next morning, the whole face is oily. It is “Oily skin”   T zone and cheeks doesn’t show much oil and maybe is tightened. It is “Dry skin” T zone and cheeks are oily. It is “Combination skin”       After figure out your skin type, now let’s learn about 3 key steps to healthy skin and what other skin care details to pay attention to!   1. Cleaning- Balance skin’s PH and nourish healthy skin    As air pollution gets worse, people with sensitive skin has increased recently. Many people often mistaken that the tightening feeling of their skin after washing their face is the right sign of cleansing. However, it actually indicates there is sebum damage and PH imbalance and will further causes more skin problems; in general, the PH of healthy sebum membrane is between 4.5 ~ 6.5, which is just slightly acidic; that’s why many products on the market features PH 5.5 to maintain the balance of the skin. In addition to consider PH level as a reference in choosing cleansing products, when choosing makeup remover, look for approved surfactants and ingredients, such as amino acids derived from oats, or mild, hypoallergenic formula such as squalene plant extract, vitamin B3, and witch hazel. Also, choose products that do not contain preservatives Paraben, soap, stimulating fragrance, to keep skin’s PH balanced. After cleaning, it doesn’t take away too much oil, maintain high moisture content of the skin, and skin doesn’t feel dry or tightening.   2. Moisturizing- Hydration is the key to glowing skin     No matter what’s your skin type, you need moisturizing. Proper moisturizing ensures normal metabolism of stratum corneum lipids, which means less fine lines, acne and pimple and a refined bright skin. Especially for people who work long hours in an air-conditioned office, without sufficient moisturizing, skin is more likely to turn dry and rough, or even makeup could be patchy and uneven.     The most common moisturizing ingredients on the market are, for example, hyaluronic acid, Ceramela, Ceramide, Urea, etc... They can effectively hydrate skin, and once stratum corneum is perfectly binding with water, the skin texture would be neatly arranged and look refined and bright! In daily skincare routine, you can choose different product textures according to the requirement of your skin type. For oily skin or acne-prone skin, after toner and serum, you can choose a light lotion or gel-based product to lock in moisture in the skin. For dry, normal or mature skin during winter season, choose cream-based product to strengthen skin hydration.   3. Sunscreen- Reapplying sunscreen continually is the key to avoid tanning    Ultraviolet is more dangerous than we think! The wavelength of ultraviolet is divided into UVA (around 320nm~400nm) and UVB (around 290~320nm) and is refracted to the ground from the clouds. Overexposed to the sun makes the skin red, tan, and more likely to produce melanin precipitation, spots, fine lines, and loss of elasticity, etc. To fight UVA and UVB, you can apply sunscreen equal to the amount of a coin size every day before going out. Sweating and summer go hand-in-hand, you should reapply sunscreen more often and physically shielding from the sun, for example, using an umbrella, wearing a hat. If your makeup product contains SPF, its protection is still limited, and sweat could wash it away, so, reapplying sunscreen is still required in order to achieve perfect protection! If you work in office all day, you can also choose tinted sunscreen product to help reduce sallow and dull skin appearance and get ready to go in just a few minutes!        
The sun protection knowledge you must know
The sun protection knowledge you must know                                                                                                                                     by instructor Pey Shiuan Wu    Summer is on the way; strong ultraviolet is coming along. The shorter the ultraviolet wavelength, the stronger the energy intensity, the shorter time needed to damage the skin, and the greater harm to the human body. If you don’t protect your skin well enough, it may accelerate skin aging, dryness, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, age spots and other issues. There are two basic types of ultraviolet rays that reach the earth’s surface—UVB and UVA. Let’s learn more about UVA and UVB.     In general, the ultraviolet wavelength can be roughly divided into three bands, UVA (wavelength 320 ~ 400nm, also known as tanning reaction band), its intensity can be transmitted to the dermal layers. It has strong penetration, slow reaction but last long. Although UVA does not cause acute inflammation of the skin, it could penetrate through glass, clothing and into human epidermis. It can penetrate the epidermis and then reach the dermis layer of the skin. UVA can be further divided into UV-A1 and UV-A2, in which UV-A1 (wavelength 340~400 nm) belongs to the long wave range, and its penetration is the strongest to reach the deepest skin, even reach the dermis layer to cause skin tanned. It is the most harmful to the skin, but it is also the most easily overlooked, especially in the non-summer season. UV-A1 intensity is weaker but still exists, and accumulated amount for a long period of time will cause skin damage. Such as skin aging and sagging, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, melanin precipitation, etc. are caused by UV-A1. UV-A2 (wavelength 320nm-340nm) penetration is deeper than UVB, and the damage to the skin is also greater. It causes skin redness and pain, dull complexation, rapid moisture loss, solar keratosis (age spots). These are all mainly caused by UVA-2.       The penetration power of UVB (wavelength is 280~320nm, also known as sunburn band) can reach the surface layer of the human body and cause erythema; the main band leads to sunburn. Mild symptom on skin is red, swollen and painful. In severe cases, it could cause blisters, peeling, etc., and will gradually subside after a few days. After about 4-7 days, the skin will turn from red to tan.     The effect of each UV band on the skin     UVA1 UVA2 UV-B UV-C Wavelength (nm) 340-400nm 320-340nm 280-320nm 100-280nm The amount of radiation reaching the earth’s surface 95% 5% Around 0% Penetration power to the skin Penetrates glass, clothing, and epidermis into the dermis Penetrating the epidermis, unable to reach the dermis Can't pass through the epidermis, only to the stratum corneum Damage to the skin Aging an sagging, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, melanin precipitation Tanning, sunburn, aging spots Sunburn, inflammation, erythema and indirect tanning Absolutely dangerous to skin Long term effect Change the connective tissue of the dermis to cause skin aging and leads to skin cancer Damages skin cells and causes skin cancer Absorbed by the ozone layer, unable to reach the Earth’s surface   Comparison of UV-A and UV-B damage in skin    Symptom of skin UV- B 280-320nm UV- A2 320-340nm UV- A1 340-400nm Tanned immediately   ◎ ◎ Tanned after ◎     Skin turns red, painful and burned ◎     Dryness and peeling ◎ ○ ○ thickening of keratin ◎ ○ ○ Loss of translucent  ◎ ◎ ◎ Solar keratosis / age spots ○ ◎ ◎ Wrinkle ○ ◎ ◎ Skin aging and loss of elasticity ○ ◎ ◎ Skin cancer ○ ◎ ◎ ◎=sever damage       ○=damage       After understanding the damage UVA and UVB could bring to the skin, let's take a look at the number labeled on the sunscreen products. What does it mean? First, you can evaluate UVA protection power of the sunscreen from PFA value, or from SPF value (Sun Protection Factor) that refers to the strength of protection against UVB sunburn and redness.            In a perfect scenario, SPF30 sunscreen products can block 96.6% of UVB, but pay extra attention to how much product each person put on when applying sunscreen; it is usually less than the standard amount 2mg/cm2. In addition to that, many people don’t have the habit of reapplying sunscreen, so it is still easy to get redden and sunburn. Therefore, average sun protection for city life, like shopping, commuting, SPF 25-30 is good enough. From the SPF value, the higher the value, the longer it could protect the skin from sunburned, but SPF50 protection is actually only 2% more than SPF 25, not twice. So, simply put, no matter how high the PA or SPF value are, reapplying sunscreen throughout the day is the key to full coverage sun protection. And many people may have a question: do we need to wear sunscreen every day? Or is it better to use it only when the sun is stronger during summer time? In fact, it is recommended to put on sunscreen 365 days a year, and not just once but reapplying adequately to achieve ideal sun protection!     Indoor lighting such as fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, incandescent arc bulbs, mosquito lamps, ultraviolet germicidal lamps and blue light from 3C products, although they are not as strong as the intensity of ultraviolet in the sun, it is still important to pay more attention to the indoor lighting around you. Keep appropriate distance and avoid exposure for a long period of time. For people who works in the office and students who stay indoors most of the time, or those just leave home for a short time to go shopping, it is recommended to choose medium-high SPF sunscreen; If you don’t feel sweaty, then there is no need to reapply all the time, and it is recommended to reapply every 2-3 hours or just reapply before stepping outside the door. In the case of participating outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking etc., you can choose high SPF, waterproof and tinted hydrating sunscreen. It is recommended to apply the sunblock every 1-2 hours. Once jumping out of water or sweating after exercise, you should immediately apply sunscreen.   Ultraviolet A- Protection Factor PFA (Protection Factor of UVA)   PFA Value PA rating Protection from UVA 2〜4 PA+ Slow down darkening by 2~4 times 4〜8 PA++ Slow down darkening by 4~8 times  8〜16 PA+++ Slow down darkening by  8~16 times  >16 PA++++ Slow down darkening by  16 times   Ultraviolet B- Protection Factor SPF(Sun Protection Factor) SPF value corresponds to UVB shielding rate (refers to the protection from causing sunburn and redden skin caused by UVB)     SPF Percentage of UVB rays are blocked SPF 25 96% SPF 30 97% SPF 40 97.5% SPF 50 98% ※ Percentage of UVB rays are blocked =(SPF-1)÷SPF×100%         Nowadays, there are a lot of sunscreen products in the market. After learning the meanings of SPF and PA values, you know that higher value doesn’t necessary means better sunscreen. It is more about choosing the right sunscreen based on your needs and lifestyle. The sunscreen products on the market are divided into mineral sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. In overall, most of the commercially available sunscreen products contain both mineral and chemical ingredients and have the benefit of both to offer the light texture.     Physical  Chemical Principle of action Reduces direct UV exposure to the skin by UV scattering effect (or reflection) Absorbs ultraviolet and converts it into heat Key ingredient White inorganic powders such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide An aromatic organic compound contains a carbonyl group, a conjugated double bond or a benzene ring Advantage Non-irritating ingredient Light and easy to apply Disadvantage A bit greasy, feels heavy and leaves white cast More likely to cause skin allergic reactions       Sun protection trend this year focuses on the combination of mineral and chemical sunscreens. For example, a new kind of chemical based Tinosorb S sunscreen is highly resistant to light decomposition, better absorption, and higher stability and safety. Combined with physical sunscreen ingredients (such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide) to reduce skin irritation. Physical mineral concealer provides convergence effect. You can choose non-fragrance, non-pigment, non-alcohol, and non-parabens products, also sunscreen containing moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and plant extracts to increase the moisture level of the bottom skin layer during hot summer season. Or, choose powder that can absorb oil from excessive sebum production and smooth and mineral powder such as silicon powder that glides easily when applying onto the skin. The texture is mainly light and non-greasy.      Due to the high temperature in Taiwan, also, the long working hours and work pressure, it is easy to cause the skin to become dull and sallow. It is recommended to use tinted sunscreens, which also feature multiple functions such as skin care, makeup base and sun protection. People with less imperfection on the skin can choose cushion foundation or liquid foundation (lotion); for those who have blemishes and spots, it is recommended to use cream foundation. There are more makeup products containing sun protection factor nowadays. You can also use with sunscreen products to apply layer by layer to increase the effect. If makeup base contains sun protection factor (ex: SPF50, PA+++), use blotting papers or facial tissues to reduce oil residual or sweat on the skin before reapplying, and then apply the last layer of makeup sunscreen.
Bust the Skin Whitening Myth!
Bust the Skin Whitening Myth! Dermatologist teaches you how to choose proper whitening products. As a skin whitening maniac, have you ever done the same as I have? To achieve a fair skin tone, I would use an UV umbrella, apply sunscreen, and wear long trousers and skirts when I go out. In summer time, to avoid exposure to the sun, the protection measure needs to be done soundly. Besides sun protection, it is also very important to choose whitening product properly. Have you ever wondered if you use the right whitening product? Some people use the wrong approach to achieve whitening effect; it might bring the opposite result! Myth No.1: Lemon is the ultimate whitening holy grail? There has been a case where the patient prefers natural skincare and likes to apply lemon slices to her face as a skin nutrient but fails to wash it off thoroughly. After long-term exposure to the sun, spots appeared on her face. After consultation with the doctor, she realized that lemon peel contains fruit acid and produces a strong sensitization reaction. If it remains on the skin, it would cause hyperpigmentation. Whitening products that contain acid, due to its light-sensitive factor, if used improperly, it’s more likely to cause hyperpigmentation.   Myth No.2: Whitening ingredients are better with higher concentration? The more amount applied the better? Each ingredient has its own applied limit, it’s not "The higher concentration, the better" or "the more added whitening ingredients, the more effective." These are mistaken myths. When selecting whitening product, read ingredients labeled on the box to review its formula as reference; of course, before purchasing, you must understand your skin type in order to avoid certain ingredients. For example, L-ascorbic acid, retinoic acid, fruit acid and other acidic components are not recommended to dry and sensitive skin type.   Myth No.3 The faster whitening result, the better? There are a lot of skin care products on the market, some advertise whitening result in just 7 days or 14 days, with all kinds of marketing gimmick that’s driving the consumer to make a purchase. But the reality is that after actually using the product, it turns out the whitening result doesn’t come as fast and effective as it claims. The metabolic cycle of skin is 28 days long. When testing a whitening product, one should use the product for a long period of time and observed its result in order to evaluate its effectiveness. If brightening result shows in just 7 days, there is a high probability that high concentrations of acids is added to the product to allow rapid cell turnover and thinning the skin's epidermis, which makes skin look brighter under refraction of the sun temporarily. However, after using the product for a longer period of time, stratum corneum will grow thinner, it will likely cause redness, swelling, itchiness, or make skin sensitive. It will take lengthy effort to return the skin to its healthy state. Also note that, the whitening products that contain acid are light sensitivity, it’s recommended to avoid using them during the day. Without proper sun protection, it’s likely to cause hyperpigmentation.   Choose the right whitening skincare product + diet control + adequate sun protection to achieve exceptional whitening result DDue to long-term external factors, such as intense ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollution, or internal stress and emotional fluctuations, abnormal life schedule, they cause oxidation of body cells with free radicals and accelerate melanin precipitation that causes skin aging and dullness. In order to achieve exceptional whitening result, it is important to choose products that only contain ingredients approved by Department of Health and whitening ingredients with anti-oxidation, the two factors combined create better results, such as glutathione with high anti-oxidation properties; it can fight free radicals, inhibit the secretion of tyrosinase, and avoid melanin production. That’s why it is often used in medical whitening treatment. Although whitening injection shows result right away, it cannot last long. The result is more effective from using skincare products. In addition, some foods are rich in glutathione, such as asparagus, avocado and okra. Apply skincare product and food-intake at the same time can achieve the best results. This ingredient will be applied in other fields and develop diversified utilization in the future. The pursuit of fair skin tone requires long term commitment, the skin may appear lighter but one cannot completely change the skin color. Do not try false method for whitening and damage sebum barrier, causing long-term chronic inflammation; it is not worthwhile. In addition to choosing the right skin care products, the basic rule is to apply adequate sun protection. It is not hard to get healthy and glowing skin!
NO.1 Hydration Expert Presents New Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner with Hyaluronic Acid (Light)
DR.WU Renowned Dermatologist’s Moisturizing Formula Exlusive*! With International Hyaluronic Acid Patents from Japan,Germany,and France ** NO.1 Hydration Expert Presents New Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner with Hyaluronic Acid (Light)   Restore glow and moisture for skin with every drop of essence * DR.WU Exclusive patent – HyaluComplex Hydrating System **This refers to the Japanese patented hydrolysis technology of small molecule hyaluronic acid(Hyalo-Aligo), German patented hyaluronic acid activator (Hyalufix GL) ingredients and French patented Hyaluronic Acid stimulant (OptimHyal) ingredients Skin immunology expert and renowned dermatologist of Taiwan University, Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, has spent over 40 years developing a formula for healthy skin using gentle and efficient ingredients. Based on many years of clinical research, Dr. Wu found that effective moisturizing not only alleviates many skin problems, but also reduces the frequency and length of prescription drug use for certain skin problems, improving the overall health of the skin! In 1998, based on the concept of “pathological skin care”, various ingredients were tested. Paired with the successful clinical use of hyaluronic acid which is gentle on skin, non-desensitizing hypoallergenic and moisturizing, a one-of-a-kind perfect formula was created.   Super-absorptive and exceptionally Skin-Friendly The best moisturizing ingredient in the skincare industry - Hyaluronic Acid “Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced and found in the human body. Thus, it is highly compatible with skin composition andcan be absorbed easily, quickly and effectively. Also, Hyaluronic acid has a powerful moisturizing effect which can grab and hold moisture. One molecule can even absorb 500-1000 times the water. Not only does it make skin more hydrated and healthy, it also reduces the frequency of discomfort from irritated skin. Even sensitive skin after surgery can use it everyday.”, says Dr. Ying-Chin Wu. Dr. Wu and his family’s sensitive skin condition have greatly improved after using hyaluronic acid. The effectiveness of the clinical application is significant. In order to benefit more people with healthier skin, the first bottle of DR.WU “Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid” was created in 2003. In Taiwan, news of the product was spread via word-of-mouth which led to a large following. Recommended by Barbie Hsu (writer of ‘Mei Rong Da Wang’) and Pace Wu, cumulative sales have exceeded one million so far. The line of products has grown and it now boasts 10 items, including the essence toner, cream and mask among others, and has become a popular No.1 cosmeceutical necessity, making hyaluronic acid the mainstream ingredient in the industry. It continues to be a leading moisturizer in the field! Industry Exclusive Patent - HyaluComplex Hydrating System Penetrating deep within the skin's surface and immersing skin in lasting moisture Taiwan’s NO.1 Skincare brand DR.WU focuses on research and development, and strives for innovation! An exclusive patent in the industry, "HYALUCOMPLEX Hydrating System", adopted from Japan’s first hyaluronic acid manufacturer, uses NASHA grade macromolecular hyaluronic acid. It is produced by microbial fermentation and forms a tight bond on the skin’s surface, creating an invisible water molecule moisture-locking membrane. This reduces skin moisture loss and achieves strong moisture retention; Using hydrolysis technology,Japanese-patented small molecule hyaluronic acid,Hyalo-Aligo,not only improves the stability of the composition, but is also highly permeable. It directly replenishes moisture to repair dry skin; German-patented hyaluronic acid activator,Hyalufix GL, adopts ingredients from a hundred years of German international pharmaceutical experience. Extracted from Galangal plant leaves, it is deeply moisturizing which helps awaken the skin's water retention mechanism and provides long-lasting moisture to keep skin supple. Patented ingredients from the French Bioactive Ingredient Research Center - French-patented hyaluronic acid stimulant,OptimHyal, revitalizes the skin's key moisturizing molecules and penetrates deep into the skin, resulting in long-lasting moisture. Lock in, replenish, retain and activate moisture to keep your skin hydrated all day long! On top of exclusive patents, DR.WU launched the all-new “Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner with Hyaluronic Acid (Light)” in July 2019. It has a refreshing watery texture and contains vitamin B3 and Panthenol. With over a million bottles sold, the best-selling classic "Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner with Hyaluronic Acid" has a brand new packaging. The toner penetrates quickly and is deeply moisturizing. The two types of toner restore inject drops of essence to keep your skin glowing and hydrated!     DR.WU Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner with Hyaluronic Acid Amazingly proven to improve hydration and absorption! In a study conducted by Kantar Worldpanel (“Kantar Worldpanel Taiwan-DR.WU Toner Trial Survey”), 60 participants aged 20-40 were divided into two trial groups and tasked to use these 2 products: “Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner with Hyaluronic Acid (Light)” and “Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner with Hyaluronic Acid”. A survey was conducted five days later and the results showed that after using both toners, participants were 100% satisfied with the absorbency and moisturizing effects of the products. Just one rub provides 100% satisfaction for increased absorbency and moisturizing effects. Apply a second layer for added moisture! Recommended for use after cleansing in the morning. “Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner with Hyaluronic Acid (Light)” when applied with a cotton pad or mask for 3-5 minutes will result in smooth and glowing skin, and will help makeup stay in place! In the evenings, you can first use “Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner with Hyaluronic Acid (Light)” followed by “Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner with Hyaluronic Acid” to strengthen moisturizing power and subsequent absorption. If your skin still feels dry, use our natural cotton and essence mask “Hydrating Mask with Hyaluronic Acid” before sleep. Its high elasticity, stretch and unique microinject cotton will ensure it fits your face well. With 13 times the weight capacity to deliver 24ml of essence directly to the skin, it will instantly hydrate dry skin!    
Adhere to a Simple and Effective Skincare Formula. Mark Chao's Most Trustworthy Partner!
Adhere to a Simple and Effective Skincare Formula Mark Chao’s Most Trustworthy Partner Last year, Mark Chao won over audiences with his acting skills in “Eternal Love”, his return to television after filming movies abroad. Although it has been 8 years since his debut, he has only appeared in two television drama series which is testament to his relentless pursuit of perfection, a typical Libra trait. He puts a lot of time and effort into each performance, spending long hours studying the script to reflect each character’s mood to channel the perfect expression for the cameras. Being a perfectionist, Mark Chao adheres to a strict skincare routine. As “Taiwan’s No. 1 derma skin care brand, DR. WU annual spokesperson, he chooses simple and effective skincare formulas to keep his skin looking its best at all times! Talking about the collaboration with DR.WU, Mark Chao states because of long hours spent shooting in dry or unstable weather conditions and irregular schedule from late-night shoots, maintaining good skin becomes a problem. In order to keep his skin camera-ready, moisturizing has become the most important step of his skincare routine. DR.WU’s best-selling Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating System’s revolutionary HYALUCOMPLEX HYDRATING FORMULA contains large and small molecules of hyaluronic acid, which activates the mechanism of locking, replenishing, retaining, and activating moisture. It provides the skin with long-lasting moisture so that the skin will remain hydrated at all times. Besides becoming the NO.1 fan of the hyaluronic acid hydrating system, DR.WU has a professional physician background and is committed to using zero additives and ingredients which are alcohol-free, have high efficiency and low sensitivity to create the simplest, most effective skincare formula. Any skin condition can be safely handled by DR.WU. The brand's founder, Dr. Ying-Chin Wu and Mark Chao hit it off and interaction between them flowed naturally. Mark Chao said on set that Dr. Wu is like “a good friend who understands my skin condition best, providing me with the finest skincare so I can be self-confident!”
An entirely new look! Mark Chao's skin is so good!
An entirely new look! Mark Chao’s skin is so good! DR.WU Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid, Completely End Your Acne Who helped Mark Chao improve his skin? Renowned actor Mark Chao barely showed his face in his latest short film, but that didn’t stop movie offers from coming in. He could land roles just by revealing his nose and forehead, all while maintaining his charm! He starred in a mini series consisting of three short films, which turned out to be a creative advertisement. The ad managed to highlight the skincare products more dramatically. DR.WU spokesperson Mark Chao has also appeared in the Mandelic Acid Refresh! Mini Series which showcases the brand’s best-seller, the Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid. He has always been striving for perfection, and good skin helps in giving off a good first impression. He felt baffled that he was favored for a role before even performing. In the mini-series, he plays the domineering Class Leader. Speaking to his fans, he hopes they will use Mandelic Acid instead of squeezing acne by hand! In one scene, Mark Chao is portrayed in many different lights. Sometimes gentle and other times fierce, with sincere eyes and delicate expressions, he speaks of the importance of the Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid. The split personalities in the show and top-notch acting kept viewers hooked. Coupled with the many masculine close-ups in the ad, plus a charming smile, it was sure to be a hit. 3 Acids in Golden Ratio, Revitalizes and results in more delicate and brighter skin According to online reports, an increasing number of people are concerned about acne and large pores on their face. In particular, people are showing an increased interest in skincare that can clear acne and refine pores. More people hope for a brighter and flawless complexion. Taiwan’s renowned dermatologist Dr. Ying-Chin Wu states, “In addition to skin cleansing, you can use mild acid skincare products at home to rejuvenate your skin, help remove dead skin cells and deepen pores to remove acne. But remember not to squeeze pimples by hand as the bacteria and dirt from the hand will increase skin infection and inflammation.” Our star product“Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid” contains three acids at a golden concentration, with 5% mandelic acid, 2% salicylic acid, and 1% pyruvic acid for faster, deeper, and milder skin renewal. The 5% mandelic acid is fast-acting on skin surface, mildly removing the epidermis layer. The 2% salicylic acid is at perfect concentration - safe and non-irritating - with excellent lipophilicity for cleaning pores and removing acne. The 1% pyruvic acid can penetrate the skin to improve lackluster blemishes and make the skin smooth and delicate. The exclusive formula can repair skin from deep within and injected with long-lasting hydration to resolve skin dullness, pore troubles and blackhead concerns for much softer and smoother skin.    
Christmas is the time to spread joy and show gratitude to friends and family
Christmas is the time to spread joy and show gratitude to friends and family In recent years, there are still many high-risk families. According to statistics from the Ministry of the Interior in Taiwan, nearly 3,000 girls go through premarital pregnancy every year. 80% choose to give up their child for adoption, while 20% choose to support the child themselves. It is difficult for a young single mother to support her family. In light of this, DR.WU and the Garden of Hope Foundation held a charity event on Christmas Eve to support young single mothers. Together with consumers, daily household items such as electric cookers, laundry detergents, diapers, sanitary napkins, etc were donated to beneficiaries. This will help them substantially and will go a long way. DR.WU hopes that all families are able to have a wonderful Christmas season!
Taiwan's NO.1 clinical skincare brand DR.WU is now available in the first Matsumotokiyoshi Store in Taiwan
DR.WU invited to be in Japan's popular Drug Store “First Matsumotokiyoshi Store in Taiwan” Taiwan's NO.1 clinical skincare brand DR.WU is now available in “the first Matsumotokiyoshi Store in Taiwan”, the highly anticipated personal care store in cosmeceutical industry.  It aims to provide Taiwanese customers with a diversified and high quality shopping experience. The most recognized drug store chain from Japan - Matsumotokiyoshi, officially opened the first store in Taipei’s East District on 10/4. This store is also the 1650th store in the world, and is nearly 3559 square foot in size. There are over 16,000 products available in-store. It operates with the concept to “minimize the distance between Taiwan and Japan. Any Japanese product that you wish to purchase, you can also purchase it in Taiwan.” Its purpose is to present the original Matsumotokiyoshi drug store to provide Taiwanese customers with a more intimate choice for high-class cosmeceutical shopping.
BEAUTY / OCT. 2019
粉刺『馭膚術』 ACNE FIGHTING 擺脫皮膚粗糙背後靈 突發的冒痘雖然可惡,但痘痘的生命週期也有走到盡頭的一天。 相較之下,像背後靈一樣緊跟的粉刺更棘手!尤其像是進入可怕的高溫夏季, 各種粉刺問題都加倍猖狂,冒頭的粉刺想擠不敢擠、閉鎖型粉刺到底怎麼清? 就讓小編的「粉刺馭膚術」代替月亮來懲罰這些背後靈們。     粉刺的三大類 3 TYPES OF ACNE 1.開放型粉刺  好發於鼻子等豬油量多的部位,形成原因是因為皮脂分泌過於旺盛堆出毛孔, 形成的半透明固化角栓,放著不管氧化就會變成黑頭。另外受月經週期的雄性賀爾蒙影響, 有時候在下巴也會出現。 2.閉鎖型粉刺 俗稱白頭粉刺,這類型冒不出頭的粉刺,起因是皮脂不正常的快速分泌,加上角質堆積太厚造成出口被堵塞, 而造成內包性的輕度發炎。從外表看就是一顆顆突起的白色顆粒,好發在額頭跟雙頰,雖不會一整片冒,但處理起來卻超麻煩。 3.發炎型粉刺 遠看是一整片紅紅的,近看是一顆顆突起小粉刺,這種發炎型粉刺的成因是皮脂分泌過剩致肌膚表面,刺激毛孔壁周圍發炎而造成, 這時該優先處理的不是粉刺,而是消炎。但還有一種紅粉刺跟出油無關,而是因為「毛囊螨蟲」引起酒糟肌般的泛紅,這種只能靠藥物治療。     開放型粉刺 肉眼看起來最醜 但卻也最好對付  這類型粉刺雖然看起來髒又醜,但幸好不難對付,因為已經形成固體,只要利用酸類先軟化後,就會更好清除。 最後再好好做收斂的收工操,就能告別惱人的黑頭! 打開毛孔  加點酸類助軟化 洗澡時靠蒸氣,或在除粉刺前先用溫毛巾熱敷在黑頭處1分鐘讓毛孔張開, 在用比較低刺激度的杏仁酸輕輕擦拭軟化角栓,清除粉刺更容易。   閉鎖型粉刺 包在肌底太煎熬 靠果酸浮上檯面  皮脂分泌太快又沒有出口代謝時,就會長閉鎖型白頭,還會在同個部位反覆長。 內分泌失調和生活作息都是很大原因,所以根除難度更是開放型的3倍,只能靠擦果酸讓角質和油脂找到出口, 以免一直堆在肌膚內反覆發炎。     發炎型粉刺 遠看一片紅 水楊酸加強消災  毛孔發炎更嚴重時會讓粉刺外圈微微泛紅,遠看整片紅,不趕快處理一不小心就會病況加重便滿臉痘。 先用水楊酸精華打擊發炎粉刺,還是很紅腫,再加入抗痘調理霜,阻止落入腫痘恐慌。   美人大賞得獎品 THE BEAUTY AWARD 非百貨專櫃通路     2019非百貨類 保濕賞 MOISTURE 不只補水的精華很重要,能夠鎖水的乳液也是不惶多讓。 若成分單純還能修護敏弱肌,讓肌膚保濕而且超穩定,才會受醫生的青睞! DR.WU  2%神經醯胺保濕精華 2% Bionanoceramide + 15% Nmf   深層鎖水讓保濕不間斷 林君曄醫師讚內含的神經醯胺能補水又保水,新科技讓分子更小超容易吸收, 更可以搭配其他精華混合使用不打架,穩穩KEEP住你的肌膚彈性~   2019非百貨類 抗老賞 ANTI-AGE 誰說開價抗老保養品擦了無感?美人大賞隆重幫你評選出價格可愛, 又能延緩老化的精華,就算預算不足也能讓肌膚「超!逆!齡!」   DR.WU  超逆齡多肽抗皺安瓶 Ageversal Multi-Peptides Anti-Aging Concentrate 7天告別粗糙老皮 吳珮瑄醫師大讚10種胜肽+10%高濃度小分子迅速滲透肌底, 只要七天,一天一瓶,粗糙、紋路、垮臉ˋ就能慢慢改善,緊緻臉部的輪廓!     2019非百貨類 眼部保養賞 EYE CARE 想要顏值高,就得先顧好「眼值」!醫美品牌在今年眼部保養獨占鰲頭, 成分不只保濕還兼具抗老,幫你改善並舒緩你的疲憊眼~   DR.WU  潤透光美白眼部精華液 Glutalight Whitening Eye Serum 溫和美白  敏感眼周也能用 含穀胱甘肽、搭配維他命C和B3、B5等成分,不含酸類絕對是敏感肌以及術後肌膚的救贖: KOL評審Alice Wang也大讚清透乳液質地很快吸收,改善乾燥眼周。     圖片/文字擷取自 Beauty 大美人 2019年10月號  P.10~12、P.96~98、P.100~102  
BEAUTY / SEP. 2019
The Coming of Age     BEST CHOICE Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner With Hyaluronic Acid Capture From  Beauty 大美人 2019 /Sep.  P.28、30、31
Girl / Sep. 2019
  Mild-O Gentle Cleansing Mousse Featuring unique, bubble-based cleansing technology that achieves in-depth cleansing without excessive rubbing. Using natural oat-based amino acids to achieve gentle cleansing effect, which will not damage skin’s barriers and relieves stress on your skin. Featuring a unique, skin-friendly and balanced formula that maintain the right skin pH level and healthy balance of bacteria on skin. Restoring a healthy and balanced skin condition. The addition of multiple anti-sensitive plant extracts cleanses, moisturizes and soothes skin at the same time. The solution causes no dryness or tightness.     Capture From Girl愛女生 2019 Sep.  P.14、16
DR.BEAUTY / Sep. 2019
Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner With Hyaluronic Acid Addition of new hydration enhancer - "CERAMELA! Amino Acids Complex Replenish, reserve, activate and lock in the moisture to reinforce skin barrier and improve skin elasticity. Repair damage skin and make your skin radiant and supple inside out.             Capture From  DR.BEAUTY  2019 / Sep.   P.42~45、P.50~54
ELLE / AUG. 2019
DR.WU UV DAILY DEFENSE LIQUID WITH EXO-P SPF50+ 【Outer Protection + Inner Repair】 Repair and protect your skin. Keep away from sunburn and aging!     Capture From ELLE 2019/Aug.   P.191、207  
7日挑戰!肌膚煥然一新 終結粉刺 緊緻毛孔 DR.WU杏仁酸7日挑戰於5/30熱烈開跑,首三日即超過3,000粉絲瘋搶領取試用包體驗,於各大社群媒體FB、IG熱烈分享,千人見證7天肌膚煥然一新,全面終結粉刺,緊緻毛孔。此次活動各大知名網紅焦凡凡、Youtuber Ashley、Grace葛瑞絲一同熱烈參與挑戰,使用7天,黑、白頭粉刺大幅減少,毛孔更緊緻,肌膚更細緻,讓網紅們驚艷不已! 杏仁酸煥膚一直是醫美診所最受歡迎的療程之一,DR.WU首創將杏仁酸煥膚帶入居家保養,讓您在家也能天天輕煥膚,從肌底養成透亮無瑕美肌。皮膚科醫師詹育彰表示,杏仁酸之所以最適合居家煥膚,是因為它和其他果酸不同-它屬脂溶性而非水溶性,除了更親膚外,也不會太過刺激,造成肌膚變薄、變敏感。此外還能有效調節角質層代謝的機轉,幫助角質層代謝剝離,讓毛孔不被阻塞,進而改善粉刺、毛孔、痘痘,這也是目前杏仁酸大受歡迎的原因。 還未體驗過杏仁酸威力的粉絲們,歡迎至DR.WU各實體通路試用體驗!    
DR.WU 15th Be wih You All the Time
DR.WU回歸本質 化身肌膚好朋友默默陪伴 刻劃7個女孩美麗瞬間 從保養中找到屬於你的故事         【台北訊】台灣NO.1醫美保養品牌DR.WU適逢成立15周年,甫於7月推出與國際知名設計師聶永真跨界的聯名商品,透過簡約純白、專業質感的包裝設計,將生活美學融入於日常保養之中,各界討論聲量持續不斷;接下來將延續品牌「回歸初心 back to basic」的理念,回歸肌膚照顧本質,以「肌膚好朋友」為主題,大膽突破以往既定的專業醫師形象,從感性思維出發,傳遞保養知識,並首次邀請素人擔綱影音拍攝與平面形象主角,打造生活中各種美麗瞬間,實際貼近消費者的心!           透過一系列品牌形象照,DR.WU就像好朋友一般,是最安靜可靠的後盾,化身肌膚好朋友默默在旁,陪伴你成為更好的自己。明星系列刻劃7個女孩的美麗瞬間,不管任何情況下,DR.WU都能隨時hold住你的肌膚狀況,完美呈現。在工作、生活中感覺怠惰時,「再累也要留時間,修復自己」,呼應角鯊潤澤修復精華高親膚性並能有效修復肌表屏障的產品特色;勇敢面對自我重新出發的瞬間,鼓勵「人生無法砍掉重練,但我可以改頭換面」,與杏仁酸溫和煥膚精華訴求相映,溫和有效代謝角質粉刺,讓肌膚煥然一新!藉由素人模特兒為主角,觸發感性層面的內容溝通,從保養中找到屬於你的故事,創意文案令人耳目一新,感受不一樣的DR.WU!    
DR.WU In Shanghai Event / Oct. 2016
DR.WU 10月20日在上海外灘打造專業『微整學院』,傳達品牌簡單速效的微整保養概念。
DR.WU In Myanmar Event / Oct. 2016
DR.WU x Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation / Jul. 2016
DR.WU與陽光基金會攜手推動《守護陽光,用愛灌溉》公益行動 今天DR.WU夥伴來到陽光重建中心,親手送上媒體朋友和公司同仁對小陽光的祝福,一朵朵向日葵卡
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DR.WU Glutalight whitening system launch party
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