Airless Pump System

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Airless Pump System

What is Airless Pump System?
At DR.WU, we use an Airless Pump System. With this revolutionary packaging there is no dip tube (straw), but rather a disk that rises to evacuate the product. This makes our packaging produce less waste. The airless pump delivery will ensure 99.9% of the product is pumped out as the disk moves up the bottle. No more opening up the bottle and scraping it out!

  • The advantage of vacuum design is avoid filling being oxidized and preserve and extend filling in good condition.
  • The plastic bottle is not only made of an environmentally material but also with excellent chemical resistance, and suitable for medical beauty.
  • Airless bottle is fully shippable and almost 100% evacuation of product, and matching external up-spring pump which keep filling not contacting metal and stay in stable quality.