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Brand Introduction

Taiwan's NO.1 Clinical Skincare

DR.WU, the leading medical skincare brand in Taiwan, was founded in 2003 by the renowned dermatologist Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, along with his eldest son Eric Wu. With 50 years of vast clinical experiences and extensive research on skin tissue structure, and a formula based on doctor's prescription, DR.WU has created a technologically-advanced skincare line of high potency products for the sensitive skin. With these products, customers are able to enjoy skincare just like having a doctor perform medical treatments at home, maintaining a perfect complexion through the most simple yet effective ways. Our philosophy behind our work is to bring about non-surgical solutions in enhancing one’s beauty and wellness.

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The Top of the Best Cosmetics Products

Since the release of our first skincare product, DR.WU has launched over than a hundred types of well-received, award-winning products, with our best-selling Hyalucomplex series topping the sales charts, having sold over ten million bottles. We were the first to incorporate mandelik acid into daily skincare products, and set an astonishing record for a bottle sold every 15 seconds, which sparked discussions in the cosmetics market.

The First Brand to Bring
The Concept of “ Micro-Surgery ”

Our focused experiences puts us the edge of markets national wide, and we have over 2200 sales points in Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and United States. In 2014, DR.WU  received investment from L Capital Asia of LVMH Group. In the same year, DR.WU went public and listed on Emerging Stock Market.

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Brand Founder of DR.WU

Ying-Chin Wu, M.D is a renowned dermatologist with over 40 years of combined background and experience in Cosmetology. He is regarded as the leader in laser treatment and cosmetic surgery throughout Asia; and known as the “Godfather of Cosmetic Medicine” in Taiwan for his efforts in pushing the boundaries of medical skincare and biotechnology.



  • Clinical Professor & Practioner with the National Taiwan University Hospital
  • Founder and Owner of WCLINIC and WSPA
  • Founder of DR.WU Clinical Skincare
  • President of Taiwanese Dermatological Association
  • Chairman of Skin Education Research & Development Foundation
  • Managing President of Laser and Photonic Medicine Society 


  • Skin Immunology
  • Laser Treatment
  • Injection Therapy 
  • Cosmetic Surgery 

Milestones of DR.WU

1992 - 2003

DR.WU Clinical Skincare brand  
was founded by Chairman Eric Wu

  • Developed esthetic medical treatments, dermatology ointments and emulsion formula
  • Developed the first medical grade Intensive Whitening Serum with Arbutin
  • DR.WU Clinical Skincare brand was formally incepted by Chairman Eric Wu
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2004 - 2006

Ranked as No.1 Best Selling product,
and recommended by Taiwan celebrities 

  • DR.WU's Hydrating and Whitening Serum was recommended by Barbie Shu
  • Fully launched across the Cosmed drugstore chain, immediately became the bestselling brand
  • Launched in SASA, Health and Tin-Tin drugstores

2007 - 2009

DR.WU’s total sales reached No.1
in the cosmeceuticals industry in Taiwan

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Expanded business overseas
sales points up to a total of 500.
Rolled out Hydrating and Whitening series
product lines increased to 6 series

Launch in Watsons and regional expansion 
to Singapore.Sales points up to a total of 900

DR.WU’s total sales has reached No.1
in the cosmeceuticals industry in Taiwan.
launched over 100 products, providing an even more complete skincare product lineup


2010 - 2012

Expanded business into Malaysia、Canada
Received recognitions from major Beauty Awards

  • Set up department store counters in Shinkong Mitsukoshi, becoming the first medical skincare brand having outlets in department stores
  • Expanded business into Malaysia. Received recognitions from major Beauty Awards
  • Launched products in Canada. Chairman Eric Wu won TOP 100 MVP Managers award


Vitamin C+ Whitening System launched
Number of sales points surpasses 1,200
Received numerous awards

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2014 - 2015

Received investment from 
L Capital Asia of LVMH Group

  • Opened the Medical Skincare Concept Store in Taipei 101 shopping center
  • Received investment from L Capital Asia of LVMH Group
  • Started E-commerce sales channel in Mainland China
  • Chairman Eric Wu received 2014 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year award
  • DR.WU received National Award of Outstanding Small
  • Chairman Eric Wu Medium Enterprises & Model of Taiwan Entrepreneurs

2016 - 2017

Complete Listing on TPEX (6/16)
Expand to Myanmar

  • Launched in Watsons Mainland China, Malaysia and Thailand
  • Increase to 5 counters in Beijing and Shanghai
  • Started selling on Lazada, the biggest e-commerce firm in Southeast Asia
  • CRM System with unique QR code
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