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Science of Skincare


DR.WU R&D team consists of professionals specialized in dermatology, pharmacology, and biology. Understanding Asian skin problems and needs, we work closely with global biotechnology R&D labs in product development, utilizing over 100 internationally-patented active ingredients, and carried out our research based on five principles of R&D standards ─ No Additives, No Alcohol, High Concentration, High Grade Actives, and High Safety for sensitive skins. Our products are then produced by major cosmetic manufacturing companies that are ISO certified. Combining dermatology and biotechnology, all product lines are skin-friendly, allergy-tested, paraben-free, and deliver clinically proven results for healthy and beautiful skin.

Innovative Technology

Microinject Delivery System

DR.WU exclusive MicroInject Delivery System utilizes Nobel Prize winning theory “Aquaporin” to activate water channels through cell walls in order to deliver active ingredients to targeted areas.


Microinject Mask Technology

Choosing 1% of the essence from the cotton linters, making it into a high elasticity, high ductility microinject mask. With our advanced technology, making the fiber smooth as silk, preventing skin irritation. Perfect adhesion to the skin, for better moisture efficiency.


Bio-Cellulose Mask Technology

Lighter and thinner, with only the thickness of 0.3mm, allows to fit the skin and provide better moisten efficiency.


Airless Pump System

At DR.WU, we use an Airless Pump System. With this revolutionary packaging there is no dip tube (straw), but rather a disk that rises to evacuate the product. This makes our packaging produce less waste. The airless pump delivery will ensure 99.9% of the product is pumped out as the disk moves up the bottle. No more opening up the bottle and scraping it out!